Thursday, May 30, 2013

Glass Slipper & Princess Half Price Comparison Follow Up

The long awaited prices for runDisney's Princess Half Marathon weekend have finally been released. There's been a lot of buzz going on around the events taking place at Walt Disney World in February with the introduction of a new race- the Enchanted 10k- and a new challenge- the Glass Slipper Challenge (the 10k and half completed over 2 days). 

With registration opening in less than 2 weeks on June 11th, lots of anxious Princesses (and I'm sure some Princes) were holding their breath regarding the price tag. The wait is over! 
I'd just ignore the price jumps after August 13th- I'm sure it'll sell out before then!

If you'll recall, I did a quick price analysis/guess post back in April when the Glass Slipper Challenge was announced. Let's see how things compared! 

Enchanted 10k
Guess: $95, Actual: $95

Princess Half 
Guess: $150, Actual: $160  (This is a $20 jump from last year, as opposed to the historic $10/yr increase. But it's not surprising, since the WDW half was also priced at $160.)

Glass Slipper Challenge 
Guess: $255, Actual: $270  (Only $15 extra on top of the half and 10k fees, which isn't bad considering the extra shirt and medal.)

All things considered, I'm not sure it mattered too much what the prices turned out to be. Personally, if I was already set on running the 10k, half or Glass Slipper Challenge, it didn't really matter how much more it was than my guess- I'd find a way to fund it. Which is precisely what happened with the Dumbo Challenge... ;)

Are any of you running during the Princess Half Marathon weekend? Did the price release really matter to you? 


  1. Nah, price really didn't matter...unless they jacked it up 100$ or something! Even then, my heart is set on the PHM, so that's what I intend on doing. I had 200$ set aside for my registration since I wasn't exactly sure the price. I will not be doing the 10K or Glass Slipper, just want my first half to be all about my first half! :)

  2. Good planning! You can use the extra for expo goodies? You're going to rock the half- I'm excited for you already! lol. :)

  3. I so wish I was doing this race, buuuut we are planning a non-running vacation and funds will be going to that instead! :)

  4. Lauren, you gotta have some non-running vacations! Do you already have a destination in mind?

  5. That sounds amazing! I know it's not running related, but I hope you'll blog about your trip!

  6. I will definitely be blogging about it :)