Friday, May 3, 2013

Top 3 Queues to Wait In at Disneyland

A visit to Disneyland usually involves a lot of waiting in lines. Disney does a superb job with total immersion into the theme of the ride, including the waiting queues. Next time you're in the park, take a look around in line. There are tons of fun details. Here are my top 3 lines you will want to wait in at Disneyland. 

Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye: The Indiana Jones building itself is really well done. The exterior looks like an actual temple and the queue leads you straight into the building. 


When the ride first opened in 1995, little decoder cards were handed out so you could read the messages on the wall. My ever-so-serious dad totally scared me (and I'm pretty sure the family next in line) when I started to take a drink of water and he shouted "Wait! It says poison!" ;) 

Star Tours: The line for Star Tours has always had tons of fun things to look at, such as talking robots, C-3PO, and a Star Tours pod. After the ride renovation in 2011, it's only gotten more interactive. 

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Haunted Mansion: This classic ride is a beauty to look at. The mansion has so much detail from the iron gates at the entrance to the little graveyard on the lawn. The ride "starts" even before you get into the doom buggies. The queue is totally interactive- from the portrait gallery to the long hall.

Stay tuned for my Top 3 Queues to Wait in at California Adventure!

Do you have a favorite line to wait in at Disneyland? 


  1. What a great way to put a spin on something most people do not look forward to during a Disney vacation :)

    I love the Star Tours line... so much to look at plus it's indoors which is a nice break from the heat haha!

    Super excited for Disneyland next year, it's been years since I've been!

  2. On a hot day, the A/C is put on full blast inside Star Tours. You can literally feel it when you walk by the entrance! :)

  3. Ah disneyland! I went long long long ago when I was a preteen, but never as an adult. I want to see HM at DL Sooooo badly during Christmas! I know they deck it out with Nightmare before Christmas and they don't do this at WDW HM. It's one of my all time favorite rides!

  4. I know HM won't be in its Christmas glory, but you should visit to run Tinker Bell or the DL 1/2!

  5. I totally remember getting those cards for Indy. I think that ride is one of my top 3 for Cali and FL combined!

  6. I'm sad they don't pass the cards out anymore! It really added to the fun of waiting.