Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Because of Verve"

In an odd and very unexpected twist of fate, Dearest and I have decided not to move. Mostly due to finances and a lot to do with how much we love our apartment and the location, we've decided to simply tell people we're not moving "because of Verve." And for those of you who know what Verve is, I can hear you laughing. And for those of you who don't.... it's only the best coffee in the world! Okay, okay, I jest. We only know for sure that it's the best in the states. Yes, we've taste tested both east and west. Hawaii was lacking, New York came close, but no cigar. But back to the subject, we've decided to stay. Whether it's a good move, only time will tell. C'est la vie.

In other news, we both turned 24 (GASP!) and sailed right on to our 1st anniversary! We commemorated the occasion by going to none other than Disneyland. Something simple and easy, which was a far cry from what we were doing a year ago. Hitting that one year mark made me think about the one question I get asked the most: "What's married life like?" (Bet you were thinking it was going to be "when are you having kids?" huh? That's question #2.)
Married life... is well, the same as it was before. And that's exactly what we wanted it to be. Marriage doesn't change the relationship or bond we had before, it may enhance it and make it stronger, but it certainly shouldn't change things drastically. At the root of it, it's still the same two people in the same relationship.