Monday, February 21, 2011

I feel a change in the wind...

A good change, that is! After months and months of waiting to hear back from the school Dearest applied to as a transfer student (and yes, he did only apply to one school, but we'll let that one slide...), we finally heard back! And even though his major is highly impacted, he got in! So in just a few months sometime during the summer, we'll be moving north to be near his school. Unfortunately for me, that means I get to make the dreadful commute to work. :/ Who knows? It might be more incentive for me to push for a promotion/transfer.

We're both ecstatic about moving! It'll be sad to leave our perfect little apartment (and the beach only 4 houses away), but we both crave the city life again. It still bothers me that the IHOP closes at 9pm. The move puts us closer to our old friends, so expect to have more game nights!

All in all, I'm excited- change is good!