Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Strange Times Ahead

This summer marks the first time since Dearest and I have been together that we will both be working, and I'm not talking about part-time minimum wage jobs that either of us have held while also being in school. Dearest has an internship! The specifics of which I'm still a little fuzzy on, but he'll essentially be a test engineer. It'll definitely be interesting to say the least and will give us a taste of what life will be like when Dearest graduates. 

To kick the summer off, we both have a week of vacation. This is also the first vacation that we're staying locally. The seahorses at the aquarium are calling and we're planning to take a day trip to Sausalito (mostly in search of home-made waffle cones and ice cream that Dearest remembers from his childhood). I have a feeling that we'll start to drive each other nuts being at home for a week straight. As I type this, Dearest is poking my laptop while "studying" for his finals... 

As an ending to the odd summer, we have the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon. Training was rocky at the beginning, but we've definitely picked up the pace. This time around I'm actually motived to run and we're seeing good progress in our pace. My goal for the race: finish in less than 2hrs 30 mins, beating our time of 2hrs 48 mins.