Tuesday, May 19, 2015

DIY Mickey Ice Cream Bar Ear Headband

Want Mickey ears like the ones I had for my ice cream bar costume?
I'll show you how to make them!

You'll need:
- 2 craft foam circles (I found these at Michaels in the floral section)
- a headband (fabric covered is best, not plastic)
- white felt (one sheet)
- brown felt (two sheets to be on the safe side)
- hot glue & glue gun
(I ended up not using the embroidery floss)

For each ear, shave down one of the edges so that the ear will lay flush against the headband.

Put your headband around something to mimic it being on your head. Use the hot glue to attach to the headband, centering the circles. 

Don't forget: On one ear, chisel out the bite of the ear. :)

Take the headband with attached ears and lay one ear on the brown felt. Trace around the ear, adding a 1/2 inch extra around the ear. Mark the points at the base of the ears where it meets the arc headband. Wrap the felt around to the other side of the ear and mark the points at the base of that side of the ear. Trace around that side of the ear, again adding an extra 1/2 inch around the ear. You should have something that resembles 2 circles connected by a short rectangle/square.

Repeat for the other ear, being careful to go around the bite.

Glue the brown felt to one side of the ear (you'll have that 1/2 inch hanging over the edge), then wrap the felt around the headband to the other side of the ear. That little part in the middle will ensure the ear doesn't pop off your headband. Now glue the other side of the felt to the ear. 
Now let's work on the extra around the ears. Clip the 1/2 inch of extra brown felt and glue each piece down. The round flat circles of the ears should be covered, but you should still see some foam on the curved part. 
Cut a strip of brown felt the width of the foam circle. This will go around the circumference of the circle. Glue the brown felt, paying close attention to the edges.

Repeat for the bitten ear, also cut a strip of white felt the width of the foam. Glue the white into the bite, trim excess if needed.

And you're done!

As a last minute addition, I sewed a small piece of elastic between the two ends of the headband to make the whole thing tighter. I didn't have to adjust them the entire Wine & Dine half marathon, even through the rain!

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  1. Great tutorial! Such a cute headband, too! Awesome job!