Monday, June 13, 2016

Baby Lincoln: 4 Months

My smiley 4 month old!

He is drooling a ton and loves to chew on things, especially dad's fingers. 

We've taken him on a lot of adventures courtesy of our Ergo360. He only enjoys being in the Ergo facing out so he can see things. I had to get a cover for it because he would chew on it the entire time. Haha.

Lincoln likes to go out, whether it be for a walk outside or to the mall or Target, so that's what I spend the majority of the day doing. It's nice because I can get my errands done as well. 
His first trip to the Disney Store and he fell asleep!

Second time was a success! He likes to look at all the colors and listen to the music.

Age: 4 months
Weight: 17lbs 7oz (87th percentile!) 😱
Length: 25.5"
Size: 9 month clothes, size 2 diapers? We use cloth mainly so I'm not entirely sure on size. I am shocked at how big he is. I have some themed onesies, like a Halloween and winter theme that fit him now. #babyfail

Eyes: They don't quite look brown like my eyes. They're more of a hazel.
Hair: Dark brown

Sleeping: He was sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night, but he's going through the dreaded 4 month sleep regression and has started waking up crying bloody murder. It started as every hour, but we've progressed to every 2-3 hours. Most of the time he's not hungry, he just needs to be rocked back to sleep. Regardless, this mama is tired.

Eating: Every 2.5-3 hours during the day, longer at night.

Milestones: He has master the art of giggling! 😍
Memorable outings: He loves to be outside, so we started taking him to some of the museums/gardens in San Francisco. We took him to the Botanical Gardens as well as the Academy of Sciences. 

Favorite toys/activities: He LOVES to people watch. More like people stare. Any time we're in line, he will just stare at the person next to us. Most people love it and will talk to him, but some are weirded out. :)
He has a Mickey rattle that he likes as well as a Nemo Tsum Tsum. He also enjoys his small crinkly blanket.

Words/sounds: Loves to giggle and babble.
Nick names: Linc, Poop-asaurus-Rex, Grumpy

Funny moments: We were at the Academy of Sciences and it was packed (we accidentally chose free day to visit). Like shoulder to shoulder people everywhere. It was like Disneyland on New Years Eve, which I've vowed never to do again even though I love Disney. Way to crazy. I digress. So we're shuffling around trying to get out and my husband if holding the baby so he is facing forward. All of a sudden, the lady in front of my husband just stops and freezes. Turns out Lincoln had grabbed a chunk of her hair and was yanking on it! My husband apologized profusely and had to pull her hair out of Linc's hand one strand at a time. 😂 At least we know he can grab stuff now. Hahaha. 😜

Looking forward to: when he can sit up! I've resigned to living on minimal sleep, so now I'm just looking forward to him being able to play more. :)