Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Official... I'm a Bridezilla.

I went to the Post Office today to buy stamps for the invitations. Each one costs 81 cents to send, but they don't have 81 cent stamps. The poor lady must've thought I was crazy, asking to see a bunch of different designs and styles. I finally decided on using two 44 cent stamps with the King & Queen of Hearts design because they fit together to look like one stamp. And yes, it's wasted postage. My thoughts: after all the time and effort put into those invites, I don't want them plastered with strange stamps. I want them to still look pretty even after going through the rough road of the USPS to your hands. My bridezilla moment for the day. :)

Anyway, invites are going out next week!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pie in a Jar

Ever have a craving for a slice of yummy homemade pie, but don't want to take the time to make one? Introducing the Pie in a Jar: homemade pie in individual jars that you can freeze and when you've got the craving, bake up in no time- still in their jars! Plus you can throw a lid back on them and take them on the go to work or on a picnic. :)
All you need is regular pie crust (I always use homemade), regular pie filling recipe (could be apples, cherries, or boysenberries as Dearest loves), and 1/2 pint wide mouth mason jars. Use the pie crust to line the inside of the mason jars- no need to roll it out, just push little pieces onto the sides and bottom, making sure there are no holes or cracks. Be sure to leave enough to make top crusts for them.Fill the jars with filling, about 1/2 cup is needed for each one. (I made apple.)
Make tops for the pies- I did lattice tops and regular tops. If making regular tops, make sure there are vents for the steam to escape when baking later.
You can brush the tops with a bit of butter and sprinkle sugar on as well.
Cover them and freeze until you're ready to enjoy!
If you're worried about the jars busting open (they won't- they're canning jars made for high heat), put the pies in the oven before preheating.
To cook: bake at 375 degrees F for 35-45 mins if fresh, 50-60 if frozen.