Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Official... I'm a Bridezilla.

I went to the Post Office today to buy stamps for the invitations. Each one costs 81 cents to send, but they don't have 81 cent stamps. The poor lady must've thought I was crazy, asking to see a bunch of different designs and styles. I finally decided on using two 44 cent stamps with the King & Queen of Hearts design because they fit together to look like one stamp. And yes, it's wasted postage. My thoughts: after all the time and effort put into those invites, I don't want them plastered with strange stamps. I want them to still look pretty even after going through the rough road of the USPS to your hands. My bridezilla moment for the day. :)

Anyway, invites are going out next week!

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  1. apparently i have an account ... so i can comment sweeeet! anywho. i definitely do not count this as a bridezilla moment.