Friday, May 10, 2013

Fantasmic! Glow with the Show AP Preview Night

Back in August, my brother and I had the opportunity to attend the annual passholder preview night of Fantasmic! with the "Glow with the Show" ear-hat additions. "Glow with the Show" ears use infrared technology that let guests become part of the magic as the ears sync up to the colors in the show and beat of the music. The ears first debuted to compliment World of Color in California Adventure and Disney hosted a few AP preview nights and gave out complimentary ear hats. For Fantasmic! there was only one preview night and it was BYOEH (bring your own ear hats). :)

Here are some photos from the event: 

Glowing ears everywhere! 

Lots of reds and purples for Beauty and the Beast.

The ears glowed red to match the fire.

It was really amazing to see thousands of ear hats glowing in sync with the show. It really makes a difference in the experience. Later on the same trip, we saw World of Color. There were only a handful of hats and I think people saw them more as a nuisance because they didn't know what they were. 

I think there are more cameras/cell phones than ears glowing.

What do you think of Glow with the Show? Do you think they enhance or hinder the show? 

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