Friday, May 24, 2013

Big News!

Or not.... 

A little over a month ago, my work situation at the bank changed drastically. The position above me was cut and I ended up picking up a majority of the work load... with no pay increase or promotion. You can imagine how thrilled I was.... 

I am so happy to say that has changed now! I now have a sweet new title (Assistant Manager) and a boost in pay, which if I have my way, will go towards more running vacations! :) Hard work definitely pays off! 

As a little celebration (for his birthday, too), the hubby and I are going away for a few nights next week.


  1. Congrats Kim, that is wonderful news!!!

  2. YAY! That is great news! It's nice when your company compensates you for the work you do!

  3. Thank you! Just means more $ to pay for my runDisney races. ;)