Friday, April 26, 2013

New Enchanted 10k, Glass Slipper Challenge and Pink Coast to Coast: How Much $?

runDisney just announced they are adding a new race and challenge to the every popular Princess Half Marathon weekend in Disney World. The new race will be the Enchanted 10k, held the day before the Princess half marathon. If you opt for the Glass Slipper Challenge, you get a special medal (presumably something related to a glass slipper) for running both the 10k and half. The special Coast to Coast challenge is for people who run both the Tinker Bell half in Disneyland in January and the Princess half in Disney World in February. There is a special pink and purple Coast to Coast medal. 

 Left: Special pink medal for Tinker Bell/Princess    Right: Regular Coast to Coast

If you're planning on doing the special Coast to Coast challenge, you can sign up for both races on June 11th when the Princess registration opens. Only a limited number of slots will be open, but if you miss it, you can still register for Tinker Bell when it opens July 9th. See runDisney's blog post for more information. 

My first thought was "OMG! This is awesome! I have to do it!" My second thought was "this is going to be really expensive, huh?"

Let's do a little cost analysis. (Apparently I'm really into analyzing things lately... I blame that on all the reports at work.)

Pricing Estimates

Enchanted 10k ($95): The other 10ks that runDisney has offered, like the DL 10k and WDW Minnie 10k, have been priced at $95, so I would assume this would be similar. 

Princess Half ($150): Each year, registration prices increase. The Princess was $130 in 2012 and $140 in 2013. If the trend continues, the half would be $150. 

Glass Slipper Challenge ($255): runDisney has only offered one other challenge with similar distances of a 10k and half (Dumbo Double Dare in DL) and pricing started at $280. The cost of Dumbo was the 10k ($95) + the half ($175) plus $10, probably for the extra shirt and medal. The Glass Slipper Challenge would be the 10k ($95) + the half ($150) plus $10, for the extra shirt and medal. 

Pink Coast to Coast (FREE*): Okay, so it's not "free." It's more like "Free with purchase of both the Tinker Bell and Princess half registration fees."  

Is it worth it to you? Will you be signing up? 


  1. Nice analysis! Well, you know I am going to pass since the Princess will be my first half, but I will be stalking those that decide to do it so I can prepare for 2015!!! And saving lotsa money to pay for it! LOL

  2. I want to do this challenge SO badly, but I am worried about cost too! So much allotted vacation money would be gone after just the first two months of 2014!

  3. Karen- I'm doing Dumbo, so I can give you an idea of what the 10k + half would be like. :) I will probably be on the saving money train unless I can convince my hubby in one month that we *have* to run Princess. ;)

    Lauren- I try to rationalize my race fees as money that I would have spent on gym memberships. And technically the running benefits your health, so the race is like preventive medicine? Can you tell I'm trying to convince myself as well? haha :)

  4. How do you and other folks find out about these "special" disney runs before the rest of us? (Like this---glass slipper challenge--and the dumbo dare.) They seem to be sold out before I try to register. I do have a disney visa card. Does that help? Thanks

  5. A Disney Visa card will definitely help you- I know you'll get to register early! I keep up with the runDisney social media. You definitely want to check out their blog ( or follow another blogger who posts about runDisney news, like me!

    Dumbo sold out ridiculously fast and I was able to get in because I could register early with my annual pass. If you're planning to register for the Glass Slipper Challenge, you can do so earlier (I believe on June 5th or 6th) with your Disney Visa. Check online in your "perks" section or they will send you an email. Good luck! :)

  6. I like the idea of saving gym membership costs- going to race fees! I can work with that logic. :P