Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Remembering Boston with 4.09

As you may know by now, there was a tragic bombing in Boston at the famous Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon is often considered the creme de la creme of running events in the US. You cannot simply register for the event, you have to qualify. It is often the pinacle event for many runners' careers. 

For me, I always associate the finish line, or any part of a race for that matter, with feelings of joy, excitement and overall happiness. Running, I love it! After Boston's tragedy, I know whenever I cross that finish line, a part of my joy will be accompanied by sadness for the victims and the realization of how far humanity has fallen. Such a senseless act. 

Today, the running community is pulling together to remember the victims of the Boston Marathon by wearing race shirts and running/walking 4.09 miles (the clock time at the explosion).


  1. I will be running today after work!

  2. I just got back. It was wonderful. <3 runners all over the world.