Friday, April 5, 2013

Bedroom Re-do Part 1: Shoes

After six years together, Dearest and I are finally getting new bedroom furniture. We've had this Malm dresser from Ikea and that's it.
 Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about the changes. 

First up: Shoes! I'll admit, I have a lot of shoes. Combined with a poor organization system for them, my closet looked like a mess. Until I found this beauty at Ikea! The Hemnes Shoe Cabinet with 4 compartments (they have a 2 compartment version, but it's much taller). We paired it with a matching Hemnes mirror above. 

The compartments open from the top and your shoes slide right in. I was able to squeeze in quite a few pairs (3 pairs of heels on the left, 5 pairs of flats on the right). Unfortunately Dearest was only able to fit 3 shoes, yup, 3 individual shoes, into one compartment, so this is really just for my shoes. I still have a few pairs that don't fit, like my boots, and I have a couple pairs I keep in the box, like the red heels I wore for my wedding (pic on the right). 
Getting my shoes out of the bottom of my closet allowed for better organization, going from this

to this! 
Looking at my closet, I realized that almost half my clothes are gray or black. Apparently I like to adhere to the "banker's black" a bit too much. I can't wait for the day when I don't have to wear a suit to work. 
I opted to take the sliding doors off my closet and will be hanging curtains in their place. 

Have you done any reorganizing lately? How do you organize your shoes? 


  1. When I left an office job to start teaching and heels became unnecessary, I took boxes and boxes of them to Goodwill. My "organization" of my flats and runnign shoes consists of a pile on the floor of the closet. Yours looks great, though!

  2. As soon as I saw the pic of the dresser up top, I said out loud "IKEA!". LOL. I love that place.

    My shoes. Let's see. A few months ago, I cleaned out the bins I brought up to MN when I moved. All 5 of them. PACKED with shoes. Shoes I hardly ever wore or would never wear. I gave some to Goodwill, tossed nasty ones, and still have a bin of shoes that I want to try to sell. (Nice shoes. Shoes I want some money for.)

    The shoes that I kept: Some are in our closet in these shoes organizers that D had before I got here.

    But I still have 2 small bins of shoes in the basement and nowhere to put them. (Seasonal shoes. Now that summer is finally coming, I can rotate those summery shoes and sneakers with the boots in my closet.)

  3. Jennifer- I had shelves before which worked pretty well. Though there are days when I start to accumulate little piles of shoes here and there!

    Jaime- Isn't Ikea the greatest? I think we're heading back this weekend to buy a bed frame/headboard.
    Have you thought about consignment stores or even Craigslist to sell your shoes?