Saturday, April 6, 2013

Need Motivation?

Run Disney posted a bunch of quotes/signs that are sure to strike a chord with anyone needing some inspiration or motivation. Here are a few of my favorites:
For me, the adrenaline and excitement on the actual race day significantly increase my speed. I know it's that little secret weapon that'll help me get my PR. :) 

I could not agree more. I usually spend the first mile convincing myself to push to mile 2 and it's always smooth sailing after that. 

I may need to print this out and hang it next to my running shoes. I am quick to listen to that little voice in my head giving me any excuse not to run, a bad habit I'm trying to kick. I can plan and plan to run faster, but nothing will ever happen unless I actually do it.

Do you have any inspirational or motivational quotes that help you? 


  1. I wish I did have one that actually helped. These days it seems like there are so many that it just becomes noise. I need to find one that reminds me to keep my sugar habit in check.

  2. I'm no help to you. I struggle when it comes to food control. I'd rather go for a long run so I can come home and eat a piece of pie than just not eat the pie. :)

  3. My motivational thoughts change every once in awhile. Currently my favorite is:

    "The difference between Try and Triumph is a little Umph"

  4. Lauren, I like that one! Definitely one to keep in mind during the last stretch of a run.