Friday, March 7, 2014

Table for One: Texas Adventure

During President's Day weekend, I went out to Texas to visit my husband. He had arrived there a few days before, so I went out to help him get settled into his new place and to spend some time together before he started work.

I had work earlier in the day, then had to rush out to make my flight. Luckily I had a little downtime at the airport, so I enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner. :) 

If you haven't seen these before, Starbucks has these great snack boxes. They're perfect for plane trips! This one comes with 3 different kinds of cheese, crackers, apple slices, and an almond/cranberry trail mix.

Landing in Texas at night was so pretty. The lights in the city seemed to go on forever. I guess that's one of the benefits of no mountains!

I brought some photos of back home for him to hang in his apartment. 

While out shopping, I saw this. I think it was a sign (literally) that we needed to run Wine & Dine!

On the flight back, I almost missed my connection in Phoenix. As I ran through the airport, I got a glimpse of the mountains outside. I'd forgotten how beautiful Arizona is! Something to be admired from inside the air conditioned airport, though. ;) 

On the plus side, when I booked my ticket, there were only middle seats left. I opted not to pick a seat, honestly I didn't care where I sat. When I got my ticket, I had an aisle seat in the first row behind first class! Yay! Lots of leg room that I didn't really need...

I found these pillow cases at Marshalls. I had intended for us to each keep one, but since he needed bedding, he has both.

This was my first trip to Texas and I really enjoyed it! The weather was nice, people are friendly and the food was yummy! Traveling alone is definitely different. I did enjoy the alone time. I can't remember the last time I was able to read uninterrupted like that! :)


  1. Glad you enjoyed some Texas time! When is your next visit? Did your hubby get an apmt close to work?

    That is hilarious that you literally saw a sign that said Wine & Dine! Love it!

    Traveling alone is fun, I actually used to do it a lot. I have to say, though, since Robert and I have been together, it's awesome having a travel buddy! :0)

    1. He'll be coming back out to CA in April for a friend's wedding and also to run our local half marathon. Just happened to land on the same weekend. I'll probably go out to visit him in Texas in May.
      I may or may not have showed it to by husband and said "It's a sign!" Literally. ;)
      It was nice to not have to worry about anything but my stuff. But then again, I didn't take rolling luggage on the off chance I couldn't heave it into the overhead compartment. Lol.

  2. I'm glad you got to visit him! And yes- AZ is lovely. This time of year. lol Ask me again in 3 months!

    1. On the bright side, after you train in AZ, you will prepared for running in any kind of temps! :)