Wednesday, March 26, 2014

(A Belated) Training Tuesday: My Longest Run!

Next Race: April 13th - Half Marathon

This whole training plan thing...? Let's just say I've made some creative adjustments to it. As in only running once a week. But the week wasn't a total waste; I had my longest run ever- 15 miles! I'm running my next half with my friend and this will be her first half marathon. She really wanted to train up to 15 miles before the half, so I've just been going along with her training plan. That 15 miles really kicked my butt. The last mile I was struggling so much. My stomach was growling and I was starting to get faint, a sure sign I needed to eat a bigger breakfast. Overall, I'm super excited I made it! I like to think of it as the beginning of marathon training. :) 

This week I'm taking Lauren's advice to heart- you get fit at the gym and lose weight in the kitchen. Since it's just me, I have been so unmotivated to cook a real healthy meal. Take-out is easy, but it's really starting to weigh on me. Literally. This week it all changes. Lunches: salad greens with mandarin oranges and papaya poppyseed dressing. Dinner: grilled chicken, asparagus and pasta lightly tossed in a pesto sauce. Snacks: cheddar cheese, yogurt or strawberries. 

I've been addicted to these!

How do you eat healthy? Any meals you can recommend?


  1. GREAT job on your 15 miler!! That is awesome! I am curious about your marathon comment... have you started thinking about doing a full? :0) I plan on doing Big Sur in 2015 if you want to join!

    Your food choices for this week sound delicious - do you make your own pesto or buy pre-made?

    1. I've decided I want to tackle a full! I really REALLY want to do the WDW full in January, but I don't think I can convince my hubby to go again so soon after Wine & Dine. I'm considering deferring Wine & Dine to 2015 so we can do the full in January. :/ Big Sur sounds amazing! If I don't run, I will definitely be there to cheer you on!

      I buy pre-made pesto from Whole Foods. I made pesto once and I still can't get over the price of pine nuts. Lol :)

  2. Yay for getting the 15 miles in! That's great that your friend wants to do 15 eventhough she is training for 13.1. I was like that too. I wanted to know that I could already complete the 13.1 distance on race day.

    1. I was pretty surprised I survived! Certainly makes a half seem a lot easier. :)