Thursday, March 13, 2014

Italy: Rome Part 2

This is the second part of my recap of the trip to Italy I went on in January with my husband. You can find Part 1 here.

 I'd like to disclose right now that my husband and I make an excellent team. He couldn't remember the Italian, but his pronunciation was spot on. I'm the opposite. I'd whisper what to say in my totally American accent and he'd talk to the person, but make it sound authentic. It was to the point where people would automatically greet and speak to him in Italian, but speak to me in English. There was lots of nodding and smiling. :)

We started our first full day in Rome as the Italians would do- with a cappuccino and pastry! We stopped at the little cafe located conveniently at corner of the building we were staying in. 

The brown door was the entrance to our apartment, the cafe was just to the right.

"Due cappuccini" and two plain muffins. "Plain" was their way of describing vanilla.

I couldn't get over how cute this place was! The counter has display cases for pastries, but the windows are covered up at the moment.

As we made our way to the Collosuem, we stopped to see some other sights.

The Piazza Navona
Chariot races used to take place here and the historic piazza still has the oval shape from the races.

Apartments surrounding the piazza.

One of a few fountains in the piazza.

The Pantheon
It's one of the oldest and best preserved buildings in Rome.

 The inside of the circular building is illuminated by a round hole at the top of the building.

 Look! I found Nemo!

The fountain directly across from the Pantheon.

A random building that I think is a school.

The Trevi Fountain

There were lots of people throwing coins into the fountain.

Crazy how much detail there is, huh?!

The Colosseum

Luckily the sun came out and we enjoyed a beautiful day exploring the Colosseum!

View of the Roman Forums from the Colosseum.

After this, my husband really wanted to watch Gladiator. Apparently they used video of the ruins to help recreate the Colosseum for the movie.


  1. So awesome - love all the pics! Sounds like y'all make the perfect team, too. :0) And LOL at Nemo... what was he doing in Italy?

    1. We definitely balance each other out. :) I think Nemo was trying out the food! Lol!