Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Training Tuesday: Vacation =/= Running

This past week I was definitely not focused on training at all. The hubby and I spent a few days in wine country doing absolutely nothing, aside from drinking wine and eating. We stayed at a small vineyard that had a Bed & Breakfast. This was a last minute getaway for us to spend time together before we both turn into workaholics. I'll have a post about the vacation soon. 
We sat on this glorious porch with our cheese and wine, talking, reading books or just looking out at the vineyard. 
We had planned to do a morning run through the vineyards, but never did. Blame it on the wine and sleeping in. When we got back, I was able to salvage what was left of the weekend with a short run on Friday and a 10k on Sunday. I actually ran my best 10k time, despite having to pee at the beginning (ever try to run when you have to pee? Not fun!)  and then stopping for a potty break. I realized towards the end of my run that I was going at a decent pace and if I just ran slightly faster, I would PR. The hubby stopped running when we got to our car and I can only imagine the look of confusion as I tossed my water bottle at him and kept booking it down the road. :)  

Weekly Recap
Tues: 1 mile 
Wed: (vacation)
Thurs: (vacation)
Fri: 2.6 mile run
Sat: rest
Sun: 6.2 mile run (10k PR @ 1:06)
Mon: rest stress ;)

I'm so glad I had such a relaxing week. Monday started by coming back from a week on vacation, which was also my first day with my new promotion and my boss wasn't there, so I was running the show. Then the unimaginable happened- big wigs/inspection came. Talk about earning your new title. Yeesh. I'm still alive after my almost 11 hour work day and in hindsight, I don't know why I was so nervous. I've got a good team and I need to trust them. Do you get nervous at work when important people visit? 
This upcoming week should be interesting. I'm working 6 days in a row- a nice "welcome back from vacation!" if you ask me. ;) My training plan has my long run at 9 miles on Sunday, which I'm actually excited about. 

As we start a new month, a lot of "June Goals" are popping up across the blogosphere. I only have two: 
-get my long run mileage to 10 miles
-run a 10k in under an hour

How was this past week's running/training for you? Do you have any goals for June?  


  1. Oh my gosh wine country sounds so relaxing, I can't wait to read more about it and see more pics!!

    Great goals for June! Mine are to run my half in under 2:30, and to start biking/swimming for the TRI in July :)

  2. You will definitely run your half in under 2:30! Kudos on your TRI in July. That'll be a big accomplishment!

  3. That little escape looked so blissful!

    Congrats on the PR! Those shorter distances always seem to be tough PR's!

  4. Lena, the shorter ones really are! I'm still convinced I'll never beat my 5k time again unless I drink a lot of coffee or zombies are chasing me. ;)