Saturday, June 8, 2013

Relay for Life: In Honor of my Grandparents

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to participate in my local Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. The Relay for Life is a 24-hour event where participants walk to raise funds. During the evening, they light Luminaria, paper bags decorated in memory of those lost or in celebration of survivors. 
It's so moving to see all the Luminaria lit up.

Personally, I have been touched by cancer in many ways, but the two people closest to me that I have lost are my Grandpa and Grandma (from opposite sides of my family). I made one in memory of both of them.

My Grandma passed away when I was just a few years old. While I do not remember her, I always carry a piece of her with me. My wedding set is her wedding set that she used to wear. It's a constant reminder to me to cherish each day together. 

My Grandpa passed away when I was 8-9, I think. I remember bits and pieces, but I know that personality wise, I have some of him. I have the same dry humor that my dad has and my Grandpa also had. :) 

I really enjoyed being able to participate. I usually register for my runDisney events on my own, but next year I'd like to run at least one race for a charity. 
Me with the Luminaria I made

Have you participated in any events supporting cancer research? Would you run with a charity? 


  1. What beautiful luminaries! I'm glad you got to do this but even more I think it's wonderful that you have these little bits of you from your grandparents and things to remind you of them. That is the best way to honor those we love, to remember! I would love to do some charity runs in the future as well, if I can find any in my area.

  2. I've done the Relay for Life and it is very moving. I'm sorry about your grandparents. :( I think running for a charity its a fantastic idea! And your grandmothers set is GORGEOUS and I promise I'm not just saying is absolutely elegant, very classic and classy.

    <3 #runnerslove for your

  3. How beautiful! I am truly sorry cancer has touched your life in such a way, but amazing that you were able to do this to honor your grandparents :)

    My race this weekend actually benefitted two charities that I love - the Wounded Warrior Project and the Fisher House. It is amazing running for a cause, it kept me completely motivated knowing I was helping others!

  4. Karen, I hope to be able to find a charity race in my area as well. I figure if all else fails, I can raise money and donate separately.

    Meg, thank you! I get a lot of compliments on my set and I'm always sure to tell the person they were my grandmothers- makes them that much more special. :)

    Lauren, I definitely feel blessed for the time I had with them and for the family I still have. I love that you ran for a cause- and PR'd at that!

  5. How amazing and moving. What a lovely way to remember.