Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Training Tuesday: In a Funk

My motto all week.

This past week I was in a serious funk. I think it had to do with working 6 days straight right after getting back from vacation. Stress at work has been through the roof. The short of it is that I'm trying to do 2 other peoples' jobs while still maintaining my own duties. Still, as rough as it is, I am very grateful to have a job, a decent one at that. I'm just struggling with the transition. Thankfully, we're making some changes for the better, so I hope that will alleviate some of the craziness. 
Back to my running: I've been so stressed out that running, which usually helps to clear my head, was just making me more stressed out. I would get about a mile out and worry that I would be late for work if I didn't turn back immediately. Hence all my pathetic 1 mile runs. ;) Though ironically I ran one of my fastest miles on Thursday. 

Weekly Recap
Tues: rest
Wed: 1 mile run
Thurs: 1 mile run 
Fri: 1.2 mile run
Sat: rest
Sun: 8.8 mile run
Mon: rest

According to my Dumbo Training Plan (can't believe I'm halfway through!), Sunday's long run was supposed to be 9 miles. I was determined to go the full distance. The hubby has agreed to run my long runs with me, which really helps. We parked so that we could run out to our usual cliff side path and back- to total exactly 9 miles. At mile 4, I got a cramp in my side. I really wanted to finish running, but we opted to at least turn around, so we would be closer to the car if need be. Around mile 6, we were both slowing down (darn cramp!), so we walked and talked for a few minutes. I think we both realized this was the first chance in a week to have some quality time together! We picked up running again and as much as I wanted to make it 9 miles, I just couldn't do it. 

But I do feel a lot more optimistic this week. The last time I ran this far was at last year's Disneyland half. I think that's why I was so determined to finish. I know if I stick to my long run schedule on my training plan that I'll be more than ready for Dumbo in August/September. I feel like I've come a long way since 2011 when my longest run was just 8 miles before running the DL half. :) 

My first mile at my first half. 
I don't know why am I running in cotton yoga pants and a cotton t-shirt!

How was your week? Do you ever reflect on your running? 


  1. My week has been pretty blah. I'm in a funk, I thought it was my 10K post race-type-blues, but I can't seem to shake it. I'm sure everything will be fine, but when I'm in a funk, it certainly doesn't feel like it. Absolutely use running to think and feel better. In fact, I'm headed out to do that this morning. No plans on mileage, I just want to run and feel better!

  2. Funks are always tough, but you are doing great! You still ran a lot of days this week!

    That is awesome you were able to do your long run with your hubby for some quality time, especially after a rough work week. I hope this upcoming week is 100% better for you :)

  3. Karen, I'm headed out for a run right now to clear my head, too. Fingers crossed that your run gets you out of your funk! :)

    Lauren, I hoping this week is better, too! I feel more optimistic, so that's a step in the right direction, right?

  4. At least you got out and ran, any distance! It is good for you in the long run.
    Sorry your long run was cut short, but you got some good mileage in and now you get to build on it! There is plenty of time to get to the 13 and beyond before Dumbo!

  5. Lena, that long run got me off to a good start for this week. :)