Monday, June 17, 2013

Training Tuesday: Double Digits

This past week flew by! Between the excitement of the Princess half marathon and Glass Slipper Challenge registration opening and discovering some revealing info regarding a Tinker Bell 10k (see my post about it here), there hasn't been a dull moment this week.
Also this weekend, one of my very good friends came to visit. We went berry picking and made some mini pies from scratch. It was great to hang out with her and relax. 
Training Recap
Tues: 1.5 miles
Wed: 1 mile
Thurs: rest
Fri: 1.5 miles
Sat: rest
Sun: 10 miles
Mon: push ups, sit ups

My training went pretty well this week. While I'm not so pleased with my short weekday runs (they really should be at least 2 miles each, not 1 mile), I stuck to my long run distance of 10 miles.
Pretty sure my thoughts towards the end weren't this positive. 

Getting into the double digits was also one of my goals for June. Yay! This past run was actually only the 6th time I've run 10 miles or further. Ever. Considering I started training over 2 years ago and have completed 2 half marathons, I was kind of surprised! I ended up getting a cramp in my side around mile 8, but still had to get back to the car and didn't feel like walking the 2 miles back, so I ran it. I also think the cushion in my shoes are shot, so I'll be breaking out my new pair soon. :) 

Father's Day was nice- I was able to see my dad and we celebrated with the extended family by going out to dinner. 

How was your week? Did you do anything fun over the weekend?  


  1. 10 miles woohoo! Beast mode ON! (or 'Belle' mode if you prefer haha!!)Only a couple more months until DDD, how exciting!

    Berry picking sounds fun, I am glad you had a great week!

  2. WTG on the 10 miles!!! That's awesome. Looking at your training, I'm wondering if I should shorten some of my shorter runs to preserve me legs for long runs. I'm doing something like 3 or 4 miles for shorts and then 5-6 for long. I have some pain and maybe if I shortened those short runs, I would have more left for my longs? Glad you had a good weekend, we did too!

  3. Lauren, I'm sure I looked more like a beast than Belle! lol. I'm getting excited about Dumbo, though I'm more excited that Tink registration opens soon! :)

  4. Karen, my short runs are definitely too short, IMO. I think between 2-3 miles is a good point for me. My knees are starting to hurt, so thats why I'm cutting back my runs. :/
    From other training programs I've read, there's usually a short maintenance run, a short run to increase pace, and a long run for distance. In the Galloway programs, he sets the shorter runs at 30 minutes of running. Not too long, but still a good run.