Friday, June 21, 2013

T-10 Weeks!

I cant believe that in just 10 short weeks I'll be getting ready for my first part of running during the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend! This will be my third half marathon and actually third Disneyland half marathon- apparently I stick with what I like! ;) I'm mixing things up this year by taking on the Dumbo Double Dare challenge by running the inaugural 10k the day before.

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was planning out my 20 week training schedule. 
I can't believe that I'm half way through it! This does make me nervous though. I feel like my running is good enough where I can finish both events, but I am hoping for a big PR on my half marathon time.
My previous time to beat is 2 hrs 23 mins. My goal is to finish the half in under 2:20, my stretch goal is to finish under 2:15. My husband is also running with me. He can run circles around me (he literally does when we train together), but he stays with me for our Disneyland races. He paced me to my 5k PR and I'm hoping he can do the same for this half. :)

We're taking on the 10k as a fun run. In the two times we have run the Disneyland half, we have never stopped at any of the official photo ops. We have some pictures on Main Street, one in Angel's Stadium and a few blurry shots in between, but nothing with characters.
Blurry Dumbos in the background!

Our plan is to stop for as many photo ops as possible. We are also dressing up for the run. It's still a toss up between C3PO & R2D2 or Princess Leia & Han Solo. I'm aiming for the former, but I'm having a hard time finding mens gold workout clothes for C3P0. Go figure, huh?  


  1. 10 weeks!!!!!! It sounds like the perfect plan! Run the 10K in costume and for fun and then have enough left to give it your all for the half and PR the next day. I cannot wait to hear all about it Kim!

  2. I'm definitely getting nervous and excited! :)

  3. Wow 10 weeks already?! Time goes by fast! I cannot wait to see what costumes y'all choose!

    I have no doubt you will be able to crush your current PR :)

  4. 10 weeks!?! Thanks for making my heart skip a beat, Kim!!! Where has the time gone? I need to get in on my training, time to kick it into high gear now that the RnR half is over.

  5. You just ran a half marathon, Lena! That seems like good training to me! :)