Monday, January 6, 2014

Ways to Save for Disney

I go to Disneyland more than the average bear mouse. I get a lot of "you're going to Disneyland again?!" I don't go on lavish trips, but feeding my addiction takes a nice chunk of change. I thought I'd share some of the ways I save for Disney.

Diverting Payroll Funds: I have a small amount of my paycheck directly deposited into a separate account that's for vacations only. It's small enough that I don't notice it, but it grows quickly. I have it labeled on my online banking as my "Disneyland Fund" as a little reminder. 

Coupons: I'm not talking about crazy couponing where your week's worth of groceries gets down to just $2, but using them when you can. Then, put the amount you saved in a jar towards your vacation fund. 

Gift Yourself: Once a month or whenever you can, buy yourself a Disney gift card. Tack it onto a grocery shopping trip or when you're at the store grabbing something else. This works best for saving for food/souvenirs. I tucked away a $50 gift card to use at my last runDisney expo. 

Side Jobs: This may not be something that applies to you, but if you have a side job (maybe you sell Avon products, etc or babysit or have an Etsy shop), put aside all or some of your proceeds for your next Disney trip. 

Birthday/Christmas/Bonus Funds: Grandma send you some money in that birthday card? Quarterly work bonus? If you receive funds that weren't expected, especially those for a special occasion (i.e. birthday), put it aside. Then when you're on your Disney vacation, you'll think of the person who helped make that trip possible. My next trip, a couple of my meals are courtesy of my brother. :)

Running Tip Jar: This is one of my favorite ways to save for a runDisney vacation is the running tip jar. I first heard about this from Lena at The Beginners Runner and posted about this when planning for my Dumbo trip. This is great for motivation and saving up spending money. 

How do you save for Disney? I'd love to hear other ideas!


  1. Great tips! My husband and I always try to put away extra money and gift money aside for runDisney race registrations/Disney trips. We also try to pay for certain things in different months so we don't have one huge vacation bill lol. So we'll book the hotel one month, plane tix another, park tix another month, etc. It helps lessen that 'big bill blow'!

    1. Good idea to book things in different months. I always get a little sticker shock when I do everything at once.