Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tinker Bell Race Weekend: Packing List

In just a week (!!!) I'll be heading to Disneyland for the Tinker Bell races! I can't believe it's already here. I feel like it was just a month ago I was getting together a group of friends to run the half. The hubby is staying home and I'm a bit nervous since he's always been my running buddy. But I am super excited for my girls weekend!

I've been putting things aside for a couple weeks now, but I've finalized my list. I've also done a couple test runs of packing my bag and there's plenty of room for souveniers! 

A bigger suitcase means I can pack (i.e. buy at the expo) more things, right?

Some Important Tips:

- Carry-on: If you're flying, be sure to pack your race attire in your carry-on bag. If your bag gets lost, sure you'll be able to buy clothes at the expo, but do you really want to find out at mile 11 that your new running shorts chafe? :/ 

- Lay out your outfit: Before packing your race outfit, lay it out (including fuel belts, head bands, etc) to ensure you have every component. My husband forgot his fuel belt one time. Now we triple check everything!

- Save space: Clothes always seem to expand when packing to come home, even more so when you have all that new swag you picked up at the expo. Leave a little space or pack an extra bag to accommodate. 

No, my heels aren't part of my running costume. ;) I've got a couple meals to dress up for, so I have a wide variety of outfits I need to pack. I'm planning to wear my Team #runDisney shirt for one of my races.

My Packing List:

Running Clothes*
- shoes (x2)
- tops (x2)
- bottoms (x2)
- socks (x2)
- sports bra (x2)
- panties (x2)
- arm sleeves 
- 5k running costume and accessories (w/ undergarments and socks)
- compression sleeves/tights/socks for recovery
- cheap blanket/sweatshirt for before the race, but to toss after it starts

* I have doubles of my regular running clothes for the 10k and half.

Other Running Items
- running waivers (you can print them at the expo, but that means less time for shopping) 
- fuel belt
- Garmin or other pacing device & charger
sports bra iphone holder / ipod arm band
- headphones
- safety pins (just in case they get misplaced before the race)
- travel kleenex (never know about those port-o-potties...)
- hair ties/bobby pins 
- sunscreen & Chapstick
- deodorant
- sunglasses/hat/visor
- Tylenol
- band aids for blisters
- KT Tape/brace/stability item, if you need it
- foam roller/tennis ball, etc for stretching
- Road ID
- pace chart

- breakfast items (raisin English muffins, peanut butter & bananas)
- race fuel (I eat Clif Shot Bloks)
- hydration drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, Nuun, etc)
- recovery food for post race

Misc & Disney Items 
- travel documents (flight/hotel confirmations, park tickets/annual pass, gift cards, etc)
- Disney Visa (if you have one)
- chargers (phone & camera)
- camera
- Ear hats/other Disney attire you like to wear at the parks

Do you have anything I should add? Any travel tips?


  1. You mean you aren't running in heels?! :)

    Very thorough list! I still haven't researched restaurants yet... and the clock is ticking!

    1. Haha, I would for sure break my ankle! Restaurant wise, everything is pretty good. I haven't been in a long time, but the Blue Bayou is a must-do for lots of people. I love the Carnation Cafe for breakfast.