Sunday, January 12, 2014

Taper Time!

Anyone else get the tune stuck in their head?!

Today I'm running my last long run before the Tinker Bell races this coming weekend. My plan is to do 8 miles, maybe even 9. It's a lot more than most recommend less than a week out, but I think I better keep up the momentum while I still have it. ;) 

Thanks, but no thanks!

My main focus until Tink is staying healthy. There have been a lot of colds and flu symptoms going around at work and I have been doing my best to avoid the germs. When I get a tickle in my throat, I chug OJ like crazy. It usually does the trick, but maybe it's a placebo thing? 

How do you taper before a race? Any tricks for keeping the colds at bay? 


  1. I hope your long run went well :) Best advice for keeping a cold away is rest, OJ (just blend pure oranges yourself in a blender so you don't have all that added sugar), and lots of green veggies like broccoli and spinach :) See you next weekend!

    1. It did! I'm feeling pretty prepared for the half. :) Thanks for the tips- I've got a bunch or oranges to snack on. See you soon!