Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Training Tuesday

*** First.... in case you forgot- general registration for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend opens today at 9am PST / noon EST! Are you signing up? Maybe I'll see you there! ***

This past week was pretty relaxing. I had Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday off. Pretty weird to have so much time off. 
I was also able to register early for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend courtesy of my brother's annual pass. Originally, I was just planning to run the half. Then I added the 5k that I'll be walking with a friend- I've already promised her I won't make her run. ;) Then I couldn't resist the 10k. *shiny bling* I figured I'm already training for the 10k/half combo for Dumbo in less than 2 months and I don't think I'll be running Tink again in the near future (I want to do the other runDisney races, too), so might as well. I consider it making up for the past couple years when I only ran one race a year. ;) 
I'll be earning my wings... or something very similar!

Now, onto the training portion of my week. Last week I confessed that I'd totally fallen off the training wagon. I put a plan into place with a short two week goal and cutting out alcohol (with the exception of the holiday). So far so good! I did celebrate our great nation with some beer... and wine. ;) I stuck to running on the days I planned, but my mileage varied. Over all, I'm pretty pleased with how things went. This was my plan to get back on track with my running:
Tuesday/Thursday/Friday- short runs of 2-3 miles in the morning
Sunday- long run of 10 miles
Monday/Wednesday- stretching and a few sets of push ups and sit ups

Weekly Recap
Tues: 2 miles
Wed: rest
Thurs: 6 miles
Fri: 1.5 miles
Sat: rest
Sun: 8.8 miles (best 10k to date at 1:01:00)
Mon: stretching, push ups/sit ups

One of my goals for June was to run a 10k in an hour. That didn't happen in June, but I've still been working towards it. On Sunday's long run, I ran my best 10k at an hour and one minute. AHHHHH!!! I can't believe I missed it by one minute! Alas, until next time. It was a great run though. I ran the entire time, only breaking at the 5k mark to eat a Shot Blok and drink some water.

How was your week? Will any of you be registering for Tinker Bell weekend? 


  1. You're doing them all! Good for you! See you there. :)

    1. I have no self control. ;) I'm excited though!

  2. Self control and Disney just don't go together lol :) I am officially registered for the half!!

  3. I will see you at the half too!

    1. See ya there and happy training! :)

  4. Nice work on your 10K goal! Only one more minute to shave off! That's really good!

    Also, I'm kindsa jealous that you're doing all the races for Tink weekend. I wish I could run the Tink races, it's just not in the budget this year. I'm saving up to get back to DL Half and run DDD again (I'm trying to be legacy in that race!) and hopefully *crossing my fingers* running Wine & Dine 2014. It's a pipe dream, but I can still hope, right?

    1. Thanks! It's been cool to see my progress thus far.
      That would be so cool to be a legacy runner for DDD! I'm sure some day you'll make it to Tink. :) I'm also hoping to make it to Wine & Dine 2014 to get my C2C. I'm saving all my brownie points with the hubby to make it happen. ;)

  5. Excited for you! I won't be doing Tink, I think Coast to Coast won't be in my budget for quite a few years to come and 2014 is my year to be a Princess, not a Pixie! ;) SO close on the 10K and well done! That's a great time, even if a minute shorter than you wanted!

    1. Thank you! It's been a stretch getting to my 10k goal. I can't wait for you to run Princess! It's been such fun to follow your journey so far. :)