Monday, December 21, 2015

Baby R: Baby Shower

This past weekend my gracious aunties threw a baby shower for Baby R! The theme was an ocean/under the sea theme, inspired by our hopefully soon-to-be complete nursery.

We had chicken salad and turkey/cheese croissant sandwiches, pasta and green salad, and Hawaiian meatballs. I'm bummed I forgot to take a picture of the food because it was delicious! 

For dessert we had a layer pretzel dessert in two flavors- orange and strawberry. Have you ever had this before? The bottom layer is crushed pretzels, middle layer is a mix of cream cheese and cool whip, and the top layer is jello and fruit. So good! Just the right combination of flavors to satisfy this pregnant lady's cravings. :)

Favors were blue jelly beans (to mimic water) and gummy fish and sharks.

One of the games was a "guess what's in the diaper" type of game. I've played this before with baby food, but we used melted chocolate bars. I'll spare you the photos, but I'm sure you can imagine what melted Milky Way, Crunch, Snickers, and Twix bars look like in a diaper. ;)

Another one of the games was to guess my baby bump circumference. I think it's pretty crazy how big I've gotten and it was so fun to see the guesses. Most people were over- some were way over like my dear husband. He's lucky I love him! My dad was actually the winner- he was spot on!

Some of my amazing friends and family. Baby R feels so loved and blessed already. 

Now that we've had the shower, it seems so much more real and that the baby will be here soon! Just 2 more months to go!

Have you been to a baby shower? Did you play any fun games?

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  1. I was recently to a baby shower and we played the "guess the circumference game" too. I've had that jello dessert before but only with strawberry jello. It never occurred to me you could use different flavors. Oh the possibilities now! Looks like your friends and family hosted a nice shower for you!