Friday, November 14, 2014

Avengers Half Marathon: Expo Shopping

Today I'm headed down to sunny Southern California for the Avengers Half Marathon Weekend!

I'll be stopping by the expo while I pick up my bib for the 5k and half. Here's a little preview of the official merchandise!

I'm not a huge fan of the shirts, but it is nice that there's a nice variety of designs!

There's a special Dooney that's being released for the event. What do you think?

This is the race shirt for the half. I like this one!

I also heard that the 2015 runDisney New Balance shoes are going to be revealed this weekend. Who's excited?


  1. Have a great time! I'll be heading to Vegas this weekend but kind a wish I was going to DL!

  2. I just got home from the expo. I liked the Dooney bag, but not $250 and a long line worth of like. I bought a water bottle and a hat. I'm not sure if I was off of social media, or if this whole thing has been lower key than usual. I haven't heard anything about the shoes. I totally forgot about the virtual queue. I probably would have bought the 860's, even though I sold the original pink ones I bought earlier this year. I've found that I really like the shoe itself and the 860 is not easy to find. Oh well, happy shopping!