Friday, December 20, 2013

Tinker Bell Half Corrals & 10k Course Map!

The Tinker Bell Half Corral Assignments have been released! A lot of people, myself included, thought there would be a lot more corrals- following the increase seen for Tower of Terror, Wine & Dine and the WDW Marathon weekends. Maybe they're sticking to fewer corrals for the Disneyland races?

Truthfully, I'm excited! If you remember, I ran a 10k PR specifically so I could submit it for Tink placement. I think I may have just squeaked into Corral A! :) Probably the one and only time. Haha. 

 The 10k course map was also released! It's not the same as the Disneyland 10k course (it ran past the Anaheim Convention Center). 

I do find it interesting that the race starts going north- I'm used to the DL 1/2 which goes south first. It looks great, but I'm disappointed that we won't be running through Downtown Disney and that the last 2 miles are also outside the parks. Thoughts?


  1. I'll see you in Corral A!!! So exciting!!

  2. So exciting - congrats on Corral A! Personally I like the Tink course better then the DL Half course.

    1. Thanks! It's probably the only time I'll see "A" on my bib. Haha. I'm looking forward to a change in course- I've only heard great things about Tink.