Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tink Tuesday: Double Digits!

My training for Tink has been sad, to say the least. The last half I ran was the Disneyland Half over Labor Day in September. Since then it's been on and off. I had a handful of 6 mile runs, including a 10k PR in October. But after that.... not so much. The chilly fall weather made me not want to run outside, so I joined my local gym. I've been averaging a few 3-4 mile runs per week with my longest being 7 miles about 2 weeks ago. 

Weekly Recap
Tues: 2 miles
Wed: rest
Thurs: 4 miles
Fri: rest
Sat: rest
Sun: 10 miles
Mon: rest

Christmas Eve, I went for a quick run with my husband. It was the first time in over a month that I had run outside. I think I got so used to running on a treadmill that the moving scenery and wind made me dizzy! 

It's become a tradition for my cousins and I to go on a run together the morning after a holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas). It was an easy 4 miler through my Grandma's scenic neighborhood. 

This Sunday I had my long run. I kept seeing the "Countdown to Tink" number get smaller and smaller  and smaller and with just 18 days until I leave for Disneyland, I knew I needed to get some serious mileage in. My initial plan was for 8 miles, with 10 miles next Sunday. Not ideal for my first double-digit run since September to be only two weeks before the Tink half, but it would have to do. 

The husband went with me and figured we'd only make it 6 miles. Challenge accepted! I knew I wanted to complete at least 8, but I was feeling pretty good. No hip pain! (If you'll recall, my hip has been bothering me lately, even to the point of hurting when I wasn't running. I got a foam roller and started stretching religiously.) 

I got this Gaiam foam roller from Target.

I ended up going 10 miles! I'll adjust my training plan to do 8 miles next week. I feel a lot more prepared to run a half in 3 weeks. :) 

My running app says 10 miles...

But my FitBit says a little over 9.... Hmm... I *may* need to adjust my FitBit settings.

How is your training going? I know there are a lot of WDW Marathon and Tink Half Weekenders out there! 


  1. It's getting so close! Glad you got 10 done! Whatcha wearing for the race???

    1. I still have no idea what I'm going to wear. I have my regular clothes, but I keep debating if I want to wear a costume for the 10k or half (I have one for the 5k). Not much time to decide, huh?

  2. Great job, Kim! Foam rollers really are awesome for getting those kinks out of your muscles! 2.5 weeks!! Doing a costume reveal on your blog before the race?

    1. I haven't decided on if I'm doing a costume for the 10k or half. I'm so last minute! I might do a 5k costume reveal, but it really only makes sense if I have all the pieces together and I won't have them until the day of (my friend has them).