Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tink Tuesday

There's less than 8 weeks to go until Tinker Bell weekend! We passed the 60 day mark, which also meant making dining reservations for my trip. Can't wait for all the yummy food! Cause really, that's why I run, right? To justify eating whatever I want? ;) 

I signed up for a gym membership last week. The gym used to be more of a spa/gym, so everything is really nice. It's got a heated outdoor pool for laps and a heated indoor pool which is used for therapeutic swimming. But most importantly, there are plenty of treadmills. I tend to be more of a night owl, so I like having the option to run at night without all the worries. 

Weekly Recap
Tues: rest
Wed: rest
Thurs: 2 miles
Fri: rest
Sat: rest
Sun: 5 miles
Mon: 2 miles

I was on vacation most of last week, so I really embraced the laziness. :) I'd forgotten how much running on the treadmill is different than running outside. I naturally have pretty even splits when I run outside, but it was hard to find a happy pace on the treadmill. Anyone else have that problem? 

I suspect this week's running will be similar due to all the Thanksgiving festivities. Thanksgiving meal is hands-down my favorite meal. I used to not be a fan, but now I love it! I especially love that Whole Foods consistently has all the Thanksgiving foods in their hot bar section. When the husband works late, that's my go-to for dinner. Between the traveling and family time, I hope I can get in a few decent runs. 

Do you take a running break during the holidays? How do you stick to your training schedule?


  1. Thanksgiving is not huge for me. My family is all spread out over the country, so we rarely get together for it. Fortunately, that means I can usually get in extra runs or bike rides over the long weekend!

  2. Being lazy is always a nice treat :0) I won't be taking this week off since I have a race, but I will certainly be indulging in all the yummy-ness Thanksgiving has to offer!! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Kim! I have tons of WORK during the holidays, with petsitting, so I tend to have to cut down the running b/c I just have no time. I'm just not doing a long run this week, but I'll still get in a few 3-4 mile runs. Sounds like a great gym! I have a love/hate relationship with the TM. I like that I can zone out and not think, but I'm always struggling with going to fast on the TM. I think outside I naturally go faster for a period and then slow up for a bit. On the TM it's not so natural and staying the same speed the whole time seems to be harder for me.