Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tink Tuesday: T-14 Weeks

A little over a week later, I've finally recovered from my cold! No more sniffly nose or annoying cough. I didn't run all last week due to being sick, but I took a chance and went out on Sunday. I have a 10k this coming Sunday that I'm running for *hopefully* a good time. The furthest I'd gone in the past 6 weeks was 3 miles, so I was freaking out! It wasn't a great run (random coughing attacks, etc), but I was able to go 10k. I still have a week to work on my pace, but I'm feeling pretty excited. :) 

I finalized all of my big travel plans for Tinker Bell weekend, so now I'm thinking about food options. I have my regular spots I love (Hungry Bear for sandwiches, Carnation Cafe for breakfast), but I wanted something special for a victory lunch after the half marathon. 

Carthay Circle in California Adventure! 

I've eaten here once before and the food was amazing! The ambiance is great, the perfect place for an upscale meal (and adult beverage). And after running a half marathon, I need to replenish my calories, right? ;) Here's a link for more info on the restaurant. I'm getting hungry now... 

Do you make special plans or have a favorite place to eat after a race? 


  1. So happy to hear you're doing better! You are gonna rock the 10K!

    As for restaurants at DL, I'm gonna have to do a lot of research because I don't know a whole lot about the parks there lol

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I sure hope it goes well! :)
      If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Disneyland/California Adventure are my "home" parks. ;)