Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tink Tuesday : Restart

Life has really gotten the best of me lately, so I apologize for the lack of blogging! After a week of cramming in training for my 10k, I opted to take a week off running. Mostly because my mother-in-law came to visit. Between cleaning like crazy, running last minute errands, and then the whirl-wind weekend, I just didn't have time to fit everything in. 

We had a good time with my MIL visiting. She lives across the country, so we don't get to see her more than once a year. Sometimes this can be a good thing? When she's here, my husband's stress level seems to peak, which in turn makes me stressed out. Don't get me wrong, I love her dearly, but long visits can be mentally exhausting. With her visiting, there was a lot of eating out and beer or wine with every meal. Combined with not running... well... you get the idea.

With the Tinker Bell weekend (my dear husband pointed out that it's a weekend, not a race, since I decided to run all the races) less than 12 weeks away, I need to get my fitness and eating habits back on track. 

To jumpstart that, I bought a new scale to replace my broken one. I was nervous to face the scale, but it wasn't as bad as I expected. We usually eat a "flexitarian" diet: mostly a vegetarian lifestyle, but we still eat meat, just not with every meal or even everyday. It started as a money-saving idea a few years ago, but we found that we didn't miss the meat, so it stuck. It also helps that we have an awesome produce market nearby. 

I got all this for $20! :)

I'm making stuffed bell peppers, roasted butternut squash, and quinoa with veggies. My goal is to cut out carbs for a week or so until I get back into the groove of getting better and running more consistently. 

The good news with my running is that I'm starting at a base mileage of at least 6 miles for my long runs. Even if I add an extra mile every 2 weeks, I'll make it up to 12 miles before my trip. I'm not planning to run any of the races for time, I'm all about enjoying the races and having fun. :) I'm also running my first race by myself- so if you know anyone running the Tink 10k who's looking for a (slow) buddy, let me know! :) 

Have you ever had to "jump start" your eating/fitness regimen? 


  1. I always seem to have to 'jump start' my eating regimen after a vacation lol :0) I tried cutting out carbs for a few weeks though after Austria and my energy levels plummeted and made running extra difficult, so definitely be careful!

    1. Thank you for the advice! I will definitely keep that in mind! I've never cut carbs while running, so it may not last. :)

  2. LOL...I think I have to jump start every week or two. ;) Life has gotten the better of my blogging lately too! Here's to this weeks jump start!

  3. Just part of the ups and downs of life, huh? :)