Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh, Martha...

Is it me, or has someone hit the fast forward button on the life remote? September went by in the blink of an eye and October is quickly coming to a close. We're a little less than a month away from Turkey Day, which means for our house, the Christmas music has begun! I'm definitely lucky in the sense that Dearest doesn't freak out when I turn on the Christmas station on Pandora... in the beginning of October. :) Listening to Jingle Bells on a misty morning drive to work with my scarf and the heater blowing really gives me the warm holiday fuzzies.

I've been brainstorming more about holiday decorations around the house. Past years we never fully embraced our home; since we moved every year, I never put a lot of effort into making the house a home. But after we passed the 2 year mark, it was evident we aren't planning to move (at least that's the plan). I made curtains for all the windows- the wood blinds are so boring. This year for Christmas, I really want to go all out. I blame that on Martha Stewart...

I went online to look at Martha's website for some holiday dinner party ideas for our upcoming dinner. This year Dearest announced that he wants to cook and that I should host. Translation: Dearest wants to pick the recipes and I can actually prepare the food AND I can host. What love. ;) Anyway, what I thought would be a few minutes on her website ended up being hours and left me with a craving to be crafty, so I headed out to the craft store. You can guess what happened next... But now I've made cute invitations!

I have officially decided that Martha Stewart needs to come with a disclosure:
"Reading of any material by Martha Stewart with ignite the crafty person inside and cause you to rush out to the nearest craft store and spend more than you'd like to admit. Women: do not be alarmed. Husbands: Come on, we know you've spent more on sporting event tickets."

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