Monday, January 2, 2012

Another Year

I love New Years. Not quite as much as Christmas, no holiday could ever top Christmas for me. But New Years is pretty phenomenal. The parties are top notch, dressing up is a must, and everyone is just happy and excited. The fun times aren't what really make me love New Years though.

To me, New Years is a time of reflection. It makes me look back on the year and think about what I've learned and how I've grown- as a person, not height wise obviously. :) Last year, I was reflecting on the major life changes- marriage and a big promotion at work. This year, it's been all about growing as a person. I pushed myself both mentally and physically and I've come pretty far. From being a stronger leader at work to upping my self confidence and to being more comfortable in my skin, it's been a big year for me.

I've discovered I'm capable of things I thought weren't possible, like running a half marathon. I'm excited to say that running has become a huge (and enjoyable) part of my life. Dearest and I are going to make it a new tradition to run at least one event a year. We're planning for the Disneyland 1/2 again in September, hopefully setting a new personal best.

This past year has also held a lot of change for me and Dearest. After he transferred to the 4-yr University, there was a shift in our life. The talks became more serious (though we still get in some good tickle sessions). There's less fantasizing about what we'll do when he's done with school and more serious planning about where we want to live and when and how many kids we want. It's crazy to think that we just spent our 5th Christmas together!

In true New Years fashion, I'll throw out some resolutions for 2012.
~I will be more healthy and exercise to make it to my ideal body. Setting a specific weight goal never works.
~I will dedicate more time to my hobbies, like photography.
~I will be a more adventurous cook.

So as sad it may be that another year comes to a close, I feel rejuvenated and excited to embark on another year!

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