Thursday, September 15, 2011

Woes of a Housewife?

Since Dearest went back to school and I've been working full-time, I have always been excited about the future when he'll be working and I'll be a housewife... until today. After transferring this Fall, Dearest just started his first semester at a 4yr university. His schedule has been so hectic with him leaving in the morning before I wake up and coming home after I do. I put in a solid 9-10 hours at work, so you can only imagine how long he's gone. While it's only 4 days a week, it's still hard.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. For me, not so much. When Dearest and I first started dating and moved to a different town together, he began to work 2 full-time jobs. 8-5p at a bank and 6-the wee hours of the morning doing security. I would visit him on his 30 minute lunches just to be able see him. I really struggled with the separation, even to the point of wondering if we weren't going to work out. Before you start thinking "OMG! Are they going to get divorced?!" don't get your panties into a bunch. That was a long time ago when our relationship was just budding. We've since grown together and it's gonna take a heck of a lot more to break us up. :)

The time apart sucks at times, but it's good for us. It gives me time and space to grow and be me and spend time with my friends. (HINT HINT)

And it gives me time to blog and pick up after my messy husband that I love so dearly. ;)

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