Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Whoa, What Just Happened?

That's how I feel about everything right now! Today was my one year anniversary of working at the bank. It's crazy how fast that year went by! I'm completely happy with my quick promotion to my position, but I'm a little afraid to see where I'll be in another year... Branch manager, anyone? ;)

Dearest's BFF is back from serving our country overseas! In a way it feels like he wasn't gone that long, but then I remember how many times I thought, "Man, I really miss him." All in all, we're both so glad he's back. After all, he's the closest I've got to a brother-in-law. :)
My new month, new me has been going.... n
ot so great. The first few days started off nicely, then I got super busy. Between celebrating another close friend's birthday, celebrating D's BFF's homecoming and just adjusting to my new work load (while still carrying my old one), it's been one busy week. I'm getting things back on track and my life back in order, so hopefully my workouts will find their rightful place and time.

Happy Birthday, J!

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