Sunday, August 22, 2010

Adventures in the Wild

I am a self-proclaimed neat freak. I don't like to get dirty, I love the comfort of home and I keep my french manicure looking nice. I blame Dearest for making me this way. The man has pampered me way too much. Not that I'm complaining... ;) Anyway...

So how does backpacking fit in? Not only do I have to lug all my gear out there, but I have to sleep in an uncomfortable little tent with mosquitoes, no running water and a pit for a toilet. Sounds like paradise, eh? Surprisingly, I rather enjoy backpacking. There's a small sense of accomplishment on the trek and it's great to get away from the hussle and bussle of life. Even if just for a weekend trip, it's relaxing.

This time we had some company for the day. Mr. & Ms. Army came with us for a killer day hike. We went up 1000 ft and got some amazing views. :)For a little perspective... Do you see the little strip of beach above Dearest's head where the trees sort of make a wide v? That's where we started. We went even further and yes, we had to walk all. the. way. down.

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