Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Done!

Yup! I'm done with college! Well, technically not until Monday. I still have a paper to write that's due after the weekend. And yes, I have contemplated not writing it... But I promise I will! :) I won't get my grades for another week or so and probably won't get my diploma for a while. I'm just glad to be done with classes!

Though I'm not entirely done. In the fall, I'm taking Italian with Dearest at the community college down here. It's just a fun little something we can do together in preparation for our upcoming trip to Italy. Dearest wants to be fluent when we go, which won't be for at least two years. We're going to try and speak only Italian around the house. I sense a lot of "bene" and "pizza" and "si."

Strangely, I'm not as excited about school being over and I thought I would be. I've been waiting for this day since I started college and now that it's here... I guess I expected there to be more jumping off the walls in excitement. Maybe it's because I still have a paper to write. I best get on that.

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