Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dearest & I

Dearest and I met when we both worked at a movie theatre back in our home town. I started working there a few months before he did, but we both began training as Assistant Managers at the same time. Our paths rarely crossed (I was working nights because of school and commuting, so he had the a.m. shift) until March-ish of 2007 when I nixed the school and began working full-time. What began as friends, grew to better friends, had a "funky" start, and brought us where we are today. We started dating and moved here together all around the same time. Our decision to take that next step was actually made over a series of phone calls while I was in Italy. (The $150+ phone bill was worth it.) We're on our second apartment; this one is less of a cookie-cutter mass-housing mold and more of a home, albeit a small home. This wont be our last apartment either as we plan to move to _____ in two years or so.

Dearest recently decided to go back to school (yay) to become an engineer (ugh), which means a lot of classes. He's going to the community college down here and plans to transfer in about two years. We don't know where, so I've left it as a _____. I'm really excited that he's gone back to school; I know it'll help him achieve his career goal of "making robots." I can already warn you that a lot of my woes will stem from this. Particularly the fact that I'll be done with school 4 years before he will, meaning my aka our life will be put on slow-motion. More on that later. Still, I'm enjoying our life together.

*note: I call him Dearest because my Wise Cousin alerted me to the creepy availability the internet provides. Thanks!

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