Thursday, November 20, 2008

A "College" Education?

The end of the quarter is coming up and that means finals. Final papers, final exams, final projects. I went to meet with my TA this afternoon to discuss my final paper. I'm not sure what roles TAs at other schools play, but at my school (the school shall remain nameless to protect the guilty), the TA's have more power than the Professors. All exams and papers are graded by TAs according to their standards, which vary all the time. It's seems like it's not about content, but more how they feel a college paper should read. And it bugs me that I'm paying for a college education, but I'm basically being taught by almost grad students. Sometimes they seem more interested in their own studies than provide time to really be a TA. Sadly some of the professors arent much different. A lot of them are there to do research, so they dont take an interest in teaching. :( It's quite disappointing. Note to all you looking at 4-yrs- go for a place that's less about research and more about the students. You'll get more out of your education.

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