Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Baby R: 38 Weeks- the Final Pregnancy Update!

This will be my last pregnancy post- baby arrived on Monday, Feb 8th! Birth story to come shortly. 😁

I spent a full day preparing some freezer friendly foods for after the baby arrives. I made some breakfast sandwiches (egg, ham or sausage, cheddar on English muffins), banana bread, and blueberry muffins.

We had some friends over for dinner this week as well. I made falafel wraps. Hard to believe this was our last double date with friends before becoming a family of 3!

How far along?  38 weeks + 6 days

Total weight gain: 25 lbs

Exercise: Still keeping up with doing some form of exercise 5x/week. More yoga than the elliptical and I'm trying to walk more.

Stretch marks: Still none, which I'm really surprised about. I have some from when I gained the "freshman fifteen" in college, so I always assumed i'd get them from pregnancy.

Maternity clothes: Yes, I can't even imagine fitting into regular clothes. Haha

Belly button in or out? Out. :)

Wedding rings on or off? Off. My hands have started to swell overnight, so I'm not taking any chances of them getting stuck.

Sleep: Sleep has turned into naps. I sleep for 3 hours and then am wide awake for another hour. Then repeat. My body is definitely trying to prepare me for the newborn life. 

Food cravings: Still lemon meringue pie. 😋 

Symptoms: Same stuff as last week (sleepless nights, generally uncomfortable, heart burn), now add on swelling.

Movement: He's moving less these days, no doubt cramped for space. 

Best moment this week: Jumping a little ahead, but baby was born, so that was definitely the best moment!!!


  1. Look at you getting all ready and planning ahead. I really need to prepare more "make ahead meals" for when i'm busy. Congrats on the little guy!

  2. I love the freezer food idea! Definitely one im going to use! Yay for baby being here! Congrats again!