Friday, January 29, 2016

Be Our Guest: Dinner Review

After the WDW Marathon in 2015, I had a celebratory dinner at Be Our Guest. Upon check in outside the restaurant, I requested seating inside The Grand Ballroom. Other options are The West Wing and The Castle Gallery (themed after Belle's Library). We were seated quickly in The Grand Ballroom.

The Grand Ballroom certainly does not disappoint. It's beautiful! Outside the main windows on the right, it looks like a snowy winter day.

Assorted meats and cheese appetizer

Braised pork with pureed cauliflower and seasonal veggies- very tasty!

And of course, desserts!

Chocolate cream puff

Strawberry cream cheese cupcake

The Grey Stuff- this was a must for us. A little sweet, but very yummy.

After dinner, we were welcome to poke around the restaurant and check out the other dining areas.

The magic rose inside the West Wing.

The focal piece inside the Castle Gallery dining area looks like a giant music box.

There's also a photo op with the Beast. 
We did this after our meal and there was virtually no line.

Overall, we enjoyed our dinner at Be Our Guest. The atmosphere is excellent and the food is some of the best I've had at the Disney parks. It's definitely more of a once-a-trip/celebratory place due to price (we didn't do a dining plan), but well worth it.


  1. I had been wanting to visit this place because it looks fabulous but honestly I didn't see anything on the menu that sounded appealing. I will say that after seeing a picture of your dish, I would order that. Thanks for sharing and I hope your doing well!

    1. I agree- nothing on the menu really jumped out at me, but I was still happy with the meal. I went more for the experience, rather than because the menu appealed to me.
      Thank you- I'm doing well! Only a couple weeks to go! :)

  2. I agree that Be our Guest is well worth it! We really enjoyed our experience there!! :)

    1. Just another example of how detail oriented Disney is. :)