Monday, September 22, 2014

Best Surprise Ever

My husband isn't big on surprises or huge romantic gestures like whisking me away on a surprise weekend getaway. I'm ok with it, that's not the reason I fell in love with him.

We spent 6 months living apart, him in Texas and me in California. It was tough trying to stay connected with busy schedules and the time difference didn't help. A lot of the time it was a text here and there with the occasional "let's actually talk in __ days." Finally, we decided that I'd move to Texas at the end of July. It was great to have an "end" date, but it also meant we'd go 2.5 months without seeing each other. :(

We planned it out- my last day of work was going to be Thursday, I'd clean the apartment Friday, he'd fly in Friday night, then we would pack and drive out over the weekend. 

On Wednesday, I'm finishing up after we closed at work. Generally this time is pretty quiet, each of us does out own stuff, then we head out at the same time. So I was surprised when my co-worker rushes up to me and says she needs my help urgently. URGENTLY. She's new in her position, as well as pregnant and her hormones/emotions had been out of whack that week, so I didn't delay. She brings me to the back storage room and starts flipping through a stack of papers she has in her hand.

Me: What's up?
Her: Um... 
*flips through papers*
Me: Oh, hey, you opened an account for him? 
*stops flipping*
Her: Yeah! What do you think about his name?
Me: Huh?
Her: His name. What do you think?
(keep in mind, my co-worker is pregnant)
Me: Um... It's nice I guess?
Her: But what would you use as a nick name?
*I give her a puzzled look*
Her: Or would that be his nick name?
Me: Is this the problem....?

At this point our boss comes in.

Boss: What are you guys doing in here?
Me: Well... She was going to show me something...

Then my other co-worker busts in. 

Other co-worker: Kim! I need you! Right now! 

At this point I'm thinking WTF is going on?! Did someone spike the water in the break room?!

I go out and there's my husband, standing there in his cowboy hat and boots, 2 days earlier than I expected. And boy was I surprised! I shed a few tears, probably from the emotional overload of stress/relief.

Sorry I don't have a better picture!
He had to carry his hat on the plane. :D

My co-workers had helped him plan this for months. My husband said he felt so bad each time I grumbled about him arriving so late because he knew he'd be surprising me. :)

Moving was definitely bittersweet. As long as we'd been together, we'd lived in the same town. We spent 5 years in this last apartment, including the first 4 years of marriage. 

I took a picture of him here when he left, so happy to be together again. :)

Have you ever been surprised by a significant other? 


  1. Awwww!!! This is seriously one of the sweetest surprises ever!! :0)

    1. I was surprised that he surprised me! Lol. Probably a once in a lifetime thing. :)