Friday, June 27, 2014

Funny Craigslist Experiences

My big move halfway across the country is in about 5 weeks and I'm not planning on taking any furniture. Pretty much if it doesn't fit in my car, I'm not keeping it. This means I have the joy of selling all my furniture. Craigslist is a great resource for this and so far it's worked out wonderfully. Maybe a bit too quickly though, since now I have no dresser and my clothes are in little piles everywhere. ;)

But sometimes I question the common sense of the folks buying the furniture.

The guy buying my dresser and shoe cabinet showed up in his little Prius... Come on, man. Really? A Prius?!

I will give him credit though. He got the dresser in his Prius! Had to make a second trip to get the shoe cabinet though.

Another lady came to get this bookcase. It's pretty big- 5 ft tall and heavy. When she arrived we had a moment of "uh, do you think we can lift this together?" Luckily we could. And she brought a big SUV.

And last but not least, my favorite- an older lady wanted this desk. It's a big heavy desk and the top hutch part did not detach. She said she would bring a truck and a guy to help her. Great, right? Except the guy she brought, bless his heart, was not in any physical condition to heave this desk around. The three of us got it out of my apartment, but couldn't lift it onto her truck. We had to flag down a couple of surfers (nice perk of living by the beach is that there is an endless supply of buff men walking around) to assist us.

I'm just happy to be rid of all this furniture- one less thing to worry about over the next month! :)

Do you have any funny Craigslist experiences?


  1. Luckily I have not ever had to sell anything on Craig's List. When we sold our old guest room furniture we put the ad out on our apartment complex's website and someone who lived a couple buildings down from us bought it! Huge blessing because Craig's List scares me a little lol!

    1. It scares me, too! But we don't have anything around here as good to sell things. Giving out my address always makes me nervous, but luckily it's all gone well. :)