Thursday, June 12, 2014

Celebrating 4 Years of Marriage

Anniversaries. More than birthdays or holidays, this is the one day of the year you celebrate your relationship with that special someone.

This year, our 4th wedding anniversary, I will be spending it alone.
Definitely sucks and I am crossing my fingers that it will be the last anniversary we spend apart. That old saying- "distance makes the heart grow fonder"? So true.

But not to be a total debbie downer, here's a celebration in photos of our anniversaries past. Enjoy! :)

Wedding day fist-bump

Surfing lessons on our Honeymoon
To this day, still one of my favorite pictures

Our 1st Anniversary, celebrated at Disneyland
My husband surprised me with an impromptu trip.

Around our 2nd Anniversary at my Grandma's 90th Bday

Year #3- A quick B&B Vineyard Getaway

And since it's THT- one of our first photos together- NYE '06/'07. I married such a weirdo, huh? ;) 

Do you have a tradition for celebrating anniversaries?


  1. Such wonderful pictures. I love the fist bump and kissing by the surf board. You made a beautiful bride!

    1. Thank you! The fist bump was totally random. It's something we normally do and it just kind of came naturally. Haha :)

  2. It's just a date on the calendar. You'll celebrate the next time you see each other. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Y'all are such a cute couple. These are beautiful pictures! Happy Anniversary!!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I hope someday you get to meet my husband! :)