Friday, May 30, 2014

June Fitness Goals!

Confession: I haven't run in... like 3 weeks? Okay, I might have put in a couple miles on the treadmill at the gym one time, but nothing major. I got a little burnt out after my half in April and then the relay race in early May. Instead, I've been enjoying take out and beer, but I definitely need running to balance it out. 

The WDW Marathon is just 32 weeks away and with a new month around the corner, I'm determined to start fresh and get training! I haven't settled on an exact training plan for the marathon just yet, but I know I have plenty of time. 

It'll be my first marathon!

After my relay, I realized that I was able to maintain a faster pace from strength training + running than only running, but more miles. For now I'd like to get my base mileage back up and consistently strength train. Then as we get closer to the race, I'll move to a training plan to increase mileage. 

June Fitness Goals
- Complete strength training circuit 6 times/week
- Run 3 times/week

Since I'm just trying to get back into a routine, I'm not setting any mileage goals, just to get out there and run. 2 miles minimum, more if I feel like it. 

How do you get back into a training routine? Any tips or advice?


  1. 32 week away! O my! I need to get rid of this pesky hip pain so I can start running for real! We are gonna try to do a meet up for marathon weekend. Where will you be staying?

    1. I know, the race is sneaking up so quickly! I hope your hip gets the message and cooperates soon.
      I'd be so great to finally meet you (both) in person! I'll be staying at the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge. Where are you staying?

  2. Good goals to help ease back into running! I really hope my knee is healed by the time Dopey training starts or I'm gonna be in trouble lol. Thinking about maybe going to see a PT!

    1. When are you thinking of starting your official training? I'm sorry your knee is still injured. :/ Personally for me, I feel like some things can be healed with just time (hip pain), but other things need more attention (knees and ankles). It can't hurt to see a PT, right?

    2. I was thinking July or August so I agree, seeing a PT definitely will not hurt!