Sunday, May 25, 2014

I have some FastPass+ & runDisney Questions...

As a total newbie to WDW and all it's fancy new features like Magic Bands and FastPass+, I have a few questions for my runDisney friends. 

For Marathon weekend, I was planning to purchase my park tickets through Get Travel since they have discounted tickets for runners. But it says the tickets won't arrive until about 2 weeks before our trip. 

- Is this enough time to book FastPass+? 

- Is Get Travel the best option for discounted tickets?

- Do you have any recommendations for which attractions to book using FastPass+?

Any general tips are also appreciated!

Thanks everyone! :)


  1. I've only done WDW and Fast Pass Plus once, so I'm certainly no expert. I'd say if there's anything you don't want to miss, book it. When I went, we kept it kind of loose and only Fast Passed a few rides. Test Track in Epcot was one I definitely didn't want to miss, so we did that one. I think I tried to also do Soarin' but at the time, it wouldn't let me book them both together. I've heard that the blocks have been taken off. Honestly, last year during Marathon Weekend it was much less crowded than I expected. Magic Kingdom was kind of busy, but that was just like Disneyland, so we didn't spend too much time there.

    1. Being a Disneyland gal, it seems so odd to me to be able to schedule my fast passes so early. Definitely excited to see how it goes! :)

  2. I don't *think* you need tickets to do FastPass+. I think all you need are hotel reservations but you may want to check up on that.

    GET Travel is probably your best option (or Undercover Tourist through since I have heard they stopped doing actual runDisney discount tickets for marathon weekend.

    Use your fast pass for any big shows you want good seats for, especially Fantasmic (if that is a show you want to see). They block out for fast passers for that show so it's a wise use of fast pass. Other than that, I would use it for Test Track or California Soarin' in EPCOT, Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom, Expedition Everest and Kilomanjaro Safari in Animal Kingdom, and Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror, and Rockin' Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios. Character meet and greets (i.e. Anna and Elsa) are also a very wise use although you'll stand in a long line for them either way, Fast Pass or not lol!

    Good luck planning!

    1. There are so many rides I want to go on! I really want to see Fantasmic- I love the DL version, can't wait to see the WDW one. We'll probably skip the Character meet and greets- I think my husband would roll his eyes if I wanted to wait 3 hrs to see Anna and Elsa. ;)