Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tink Tuesday

Confession... Today, over 2 weeks later, was my first post-Disneyland run. I was quickly crossing the line between a small break after Dumbo and letting the laziness set in. The run wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't good. It was nice to get back outside and I got to enjoy this beautiful sunrise!

The official training plan for the Tinker Bell Half is already on week 2 of the experienced runner's plan. I started my Dumbo training plan at 20 weeks out, but I was already running for a couple months before. I'm hoping that I didn't lose too much momentum and can jump right back in. :)

As a little motivation, I got my medals up on their display. (Half are Dearest's medals.)

I was meaning to get back to a workout schedule last week, but I seem to still be catching up on... life, I guess. There are a lot of big changes: aside from coming back from a week vacation and catching up at work, Dearest and I are gearing up for his graduation, which means lots of resume reviews and job applications. Ugh. Lots of life changes. 

Something I got a good giggle out of on NPR last week. Both Dearest and I have majors listed on this chart. His in the top portion, mine on the bottom. Lol.

Random internet memes have been a big stress reliever lately. :)

I've also been addicted to pinning Christmas things on Pinterest. I did break out some fall decor. Really it's just an excuse to display a couple of my antenna balls. :) 

Have you started decorating for Fall? What do you look forward to most towards the end of the year?

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  1. Gorgeous sunrise :) I'd be motivated if I got to run and see that too!

    Unfortunately, I have not started decorating for Fall yet, but I think I will start once October gets here! I'm super excited!